Things I've Enjoyed This Week (ish), Issue 2

Technically this series is now fortnightly, but there is at least a follow-up which means I haven't abandoned it entirely. I think I surprised even myself.

Last week I was in Berlin and Amsterdam. It was really good to see lots of friends, eat lots of nice food, and do standard tourist things like visit museums. I wish I'd had time to go to Berlin Zoo – but there will be other opportunities to visit!

The best salad I've eaten in some time: a roasted corn, tomato, jalapeño, feta, pickled onion, lettuce and avocado salad from Box Sociaal in Amsterdam.

The hotel I stayed in in Amsterdam was unnecessarily loud – right above the train tracks at Centraal station, where the trains and announcements run all night. I won't be making that mistake again.

It was a great week apart from the four hours I spent in A&E in Berlin with suspected appendicitis. I am thankful that it wasn't appendicitis and so I didn't have to have emergency surgery. 😬

I got further through the 'Solve for Happy' audiobook on the two flights and the Eurostar, walked a lot of steps around the various cities, enjoyed the very cheap public transport (Berlin's 9 euro ticket was excellent), and only did the tiniest bit of thinking about work one day when my other plans fell through and that combined with a delayed flight meaning that I was really bored. Progress!

I bought some more LEGO at Berlin airport, so now I'm home I've been building the succulents kit. Quite cute, plus these won't die. Yes, I did once upon a time kill a cactus by overwatering it.

Finally, I hit a 31 day streak of Duolingo Ukrainian with my practice tonight. I'm starting to get the hang of the basics, and I think this is the longest I've ever stuck at Duolingo in any language. Though maybe starting off with French and being bored out of my mind was not a good thing a few years ago. Challenges are good!